Gifts: Awesome Islamic Gifts. Totally Affordable Too!

We are the UK’s leading small family business and online gifts retailer for Muslims brothers and sisters. Our gift sets are designed by us with finest details with perfect gift packing all handmade by me and totally affordable too.Our products made in Turkey from best companies.

I have a designer background experienced many years on textile industry and I now use my experience on this business sector now.

We are online selling more than 4 years but on Etsy we are new.
Our gift ideas whether it’s Eid, Hajj,Umrah or just visiting our friend’s home, sharing this wonderful gifts to them keeps our community together.We have a huge range of Islamic gifts, Eid gifts,Hajj Gifts,Umrah Gifts,Birthday,Wedding,New born baby Mevlud`s or even for Baby Shower gifts.

Our company works with most experienced suppliers and Our Quran books are all has got certificated. Our Quran supplier having the biggest distribution network in Turkey, Hayrat Publishing has made the printing of “the Qur’an in tawafuq” a main purpose for itself.The copies of the Qur’an in tawafuq, the result of a-fifty-year-old work, are prepared in respect and care that befit the Qur’an Al-Kareem.The copies of the Qur’an in tawafuq, handwritten by Ahmed Husrev Altinbasak, which Hayrat Publishing prints are certified as error-free and sealed by the Presidency of Religious Affairs of Turkey and Al-Azhar University of Egypt.

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